2020 – Step 168: Wired-Weird-Wild-Wonky

“The seed must grow regardless of the fact that it’s planted in stone.”  ~Tupac Shakir

July begins at the end of June.  Find middle ground.  Stand still.  Listen.  Pressure builds as a Cosmic Agenda unfolds.  Coronavirus will accelerate the world’s transition to a lower carbon economy.  Is “green” the new “black?”  For today – what am “I” giving time and energy to in the back of my MindHmmm.  Careful now – most thoughts turn out to be unconscious projections.  Where do “thoughts” originate?  Context + Backstory provide Clarity.  Check personal motives.  Check Soul-Agenda.  Are “we” on the same page?  Approaching completion.  There are NO PRIZES awarded for Self-Torture.  Over the next few days – expect a “blast from the past” – but – listen to your body’s reactionsThe body never lies.  Something unusual is about to be Un-Earthed.  Be a good Noticer of MUSIC today!  Events headed our way can either “serve us” or “destroy us.”  The only battle being fought is WITHIN.  Self-awareness of habitual thoughts/actions can cure many human ills.  Stay present.  Pay attention to your body.  Notice repetitive thoughts.  Celebration IS “food” for the mind-body-Soul.  If you can’t find anything to celebrate – try celebrating yourself!  You’re worth it!  When seasons change – thunder arrives – acceleration ahead.  All is well.  ❤

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