2020 – Step 166: Sunday Blessings – Alternate Reality (Food for Thought)

Divagate – (verb) – to wander or stray from a course or subject: diverge, digress.”

Credit: Facebook Meme

Abnormal is the ‘new normal.  Tip of the Iceberg.  The ‘sound of thunder‘ is stirring the pot.‘  It takes about 21 days to activate and implement a new habit.  It takes about 260 days to cement the new behavior.  Over the past 2+ months – “Stay-At-Home” has provided ample opportunity to reflect – create and change habits.  For todayan old ghost rises up into consciousness.  It’s called TIME.  Back in the day – the Catholic Church decided that TIME began when Jesus was born.  To this day – we still – unconsciously –  accept this as fact/truthwithout giving it a second thought.  Humans live LIFE on a European-Centric-Viewpoint.  We have moved away from the BC/AD time into CE (Common Era) time frame.  Christ’s Light has been corrupted.  Are we witnessing history in the making – OR – are we re-writing history?  Global Unrest is a natural process of ‘unfolding‘ into the “Next Level.”  2020-2030 will be remembered as the Great ResetNature MUST balance Herself How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?  The Catholic Church decided we’d all bring ‘gifts‘ to the baby Jesus on Christmas Day – December 25th.  It evolved into over-consumption.  Nothing is permanent.  Bodies are born – we are not.  Bodies die – we do not.  Consider what kind of constructive change you want in your world this Christmas.  How will you celebrate?  Who will you celebrate withWhy does it matter – or not?  The Mind and Heart are being brought into balance this year.  Make no assumptions. consider this an ‘in-between’ day.  Seeds planted earlier this year are about to blossom.  “Give and Take” is the ‘first step.‘  Are you ready to take a stepMay the Fierce be with you!  All is well!

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