2020 – Step 171: The Wheel of Chance

“Stalwart – (adjective) – marked by outstanding strength and vigor of body, mind or spirit.” 

Credit: Chyong Yau Lin – “Sunrise in Bagan”

The Perfect Storm.  ‘More is Better’ has hit a brick wall.  Souls are searching.   Freeing the Heart from the effects of a Fearful Mind is an initiation in great power.  Natural Cycles are stronger than Human – and eventually Human bows to Nature’s Cycles.  Don’t believe it?  Talk to a woman who surrenders her body to Nature each month.  For today – America is celebrating it’s 2nd Independence Day today – Juneteenth – the day the last slaves discovered they were emancipated.  The Wheel turns tomorrow as we experience the longest day of the year in the North – Summer Solstice + plus a Ring of Fire Eclipse on Sunday.  Some feel lost in the Twilight Zone.  For a frame of reference – think back to Christmas 2016Looking back – did you imagine that we’d be here today?  How did you “think” about yourself/others then?  How do you perceive yourself/others today?  A world of difference?  Or not?  Check in with your Soul-Compass today.  What direction is it pointing you towardCultural standards are morphing.  The show’s over and it’s decision time personally and collectively.  What “I” do to others – “I” do to myself.  Tie up loose ends.  Shed old skin.  Discard baggage.  Take out the trash.  Clear the clutter.  When closure is denied – give it to yourselfClose the door.  There’s new work to be done and a new life to be lived – rebuilding – restructuring – reconsidering.  Take a deep breath – exhale slowly.  Observe the changes – do inner and outer changes match?  There’s something much better headed this way!  Be kind to Self and others.  Keep your sense of humorOh – and one more thing – please try to catch someone doing something RIGHT today!  You’ll surprise yourself and another when you do!  All is well!  ❤

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