If you’re new to astrology – or – you ‘been here before‘ – it’s always good to see what others have experienced. These are real clients I’ve worked with over the years! If you have questions – please fill out the ‘contact form’ below! Thank you for visiting today! Blessings!

Credit – David Jakab

“It’s hard to put into words how working with Robin has changed my life. She meets you where you are and nudges you toward a deeper relationship with yourself. Her approach to astrology has helped me move through some of the most difficult moments of my life while also giving me hope for the future and reminding me to be present, right here, right now. I think of her as not only my astrologer but also my friend and mentor. I highly recommend her services to those on an introspective path who understand that the work belongs to each of us. Allow Robin to help you remember what you already know.” ~Shelley M.

“I met Robin through a personal referral and I never looked back. Astrology for me has always been something I loved from a distance, unsure if I could truly handle the depths of its complexity. After my first reading with Robin, her approach gave me a way to look at my life unfolding and see themes myself. I felt like there was a clear explanation to my own personal rhyme and reason. Robin is wonderfully real, but simply stated. She allows you to grow with each reading-you will want more than one. If you hold on to these readings as the year unfolds, you will learn with each transit just how clearly and simply the information lines up with your everyday life.  I highly recommend her.” ~Ayisha E.

 “We live in a world and a time where it can be difficult to make sense of things – everything going on around us as well as our individual path in life. Robin is a skilled astrologer who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and uses her skills, experience and gifts to help support others. Astrology can feel complex but her unique, holistic approach makes it not only accessible, but a tool that enhances my experience…in truth it’s like I’ve found my “Fairy Guide-Mother”! She has provided me insights into the type of decision making that will best align my choices with my life journey while helping me discover and begin to unlock my full purpose and potential. Her humor, warmth and generosity is apparent. Whether you are curious to learn more, or are looking for someone to help you dive deeper, there’s a place to explore and grow. My life has been greatly enriched by the decision to work with Robin – truly one of the best investments in myself I have made! ~Lisa D.

“I have been working with Robin since 2012 on a pretty consistent basis. Since then I’ve become a student of astrology myself because I wanted to learn how Robin does what she does. At first I really didn’t understand myself and it took about 3 years for me to start seeing what Robin saw. She was more than an astrologer, she was kind and generous in her support from afar when I was sad, confused or in despair. A few encouraging email exchanges meant the world and they weren’t expected. They were offered. I appreciated her always being on time with my readings and checking in on me before she started writing for a new month. An indication that it’s specifically catered to your chart and not generalized, which is why I consult with a professional, like Robin. If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy, experienced and human astrologer that has no judgement and makes you think, really makes you dissect what you’re feeling, Robin will guide you.” ~Helen S.

“Having used 3 other well regarded astrologists I can attest to the exemplary services offered by Robin. Her readings offer a unique blend of personal insights, astrological data all tailored to my personality. She not only welcomes feedback and questions, she encourages both to truly personalize the reading.” ~Patrick W.