Welcome to my Sanctuary!  Thank you for visiting “Being My Own Self.”  My name is Robin Woodward and I am an Astrologer.   My goal is to offer an astrological experience.  Our patterns of behavior and perspective are based on personal experience.  Yes – we each have our own personal bias’.  We are unique.

Astrology is an art-form – a self-help tool.  It is regarded as a pseudo-science by mainstream science – because in controlled studies – results cannot be replicated.  Astrology – with the help of astronomy – maps planetary travel around the Sun – their relationships to one another.  Astrology will probably never be considered a science is because each person has “free will” to make their own decisions.  With 7+ billion people on the planet we can expect 7+ billion choices – beliefs – paths.  No two are exactly the same.

The best astrology can offer an individual is the timing of perceived positive or negative effects.  Again – each person who consults an astrologer is going to make their own choice as to how they respond.

After 30 years of working in astrology – and hundreds of sessions later – my own personal view is that it works.  Astrology is evolving – updating the newer planets and how they affect or explain us.

What it can do for an individual is explain what is happening – what is being activated in your outer world and Inner-Soul-Self – and when the issue that brought you to me – will end.  We live in a world where we give ‘lip service’ to the Soul of a person.

Through my own experiences I understand that it’s not just about “me.”  My Soul planned my Trip of a Lifetime for her own evolution.  Ignorance breeds fear.  Do not fear astrology.  Research it for yourself before drawing conclusions.  Experience is always a great teacher.

I am not a licensed medical – financial – legal professional.  But I do have a PhD from the School of Life.

My Journey through Life.

I am a Survivor of long-term sexual abuse – so my point of view is based on being able to move from being a ‘victim’ to Survivor to THRIVER.  Through a great deal of work and support I’ve been able to heal – and that includes confronting my abuser.

I’ve had two NDE (near death experiences) and both experiences forever changed who I am – what I am – and my perspective about living on the Timeship Earth.  Here’s a hint.  It’s not for the faint of heart.

I was a caregiver for my mother who had Alzheimer’s for 5.5 years.  That part of my life was a thousand-death-journey.  Whether you are a caregiver for someone who has a chronic or life-threatening disease – you’re walking a hard and lonely walk.

I’ve played many roles – mother – daughter – friend – lover – wife – employee – business owner – pilot – lobbyist – activist.  My favorite role now is being a grandmother to four people who walk around with a little piece of my Heart.  There is no word to describe that kind of love.

The only person who judges us is ourselves.  There is a vast Universe located inside each of us.  We each came to Earth with a “toolbox” that no one ever told us existed – let alone how to use it.  Energy can never be destroyed – but it does change form.

Are you a body with a Soul – or – a Soul with a body?

Bodies are born.  We are not.  Bodies die.  We do not.  The Soul left a Map for us to find – but you have to discover astrology to find your Soul’s Map.  It’s a Compass.  It’s a lifetime guide to important meetings – lessons the Soul needs for its evolution – the timing of Ego experiences – and you don’t have to believe in it for it to help you.

If you have questions – want to collaborate – or just say hello – please fill out the form below.  I enjoy hearing from folks.  Thank you kindly for your time and consideration.  Be your own Self – you’re an Original and you’re loved more than you can possibly imagine!

Thank you!

Robin 🙂