Welcome to my Sanctuary!  Thank you for visiting “Being My Own Self.”  My name is Robin Woodward and I am an Astrologer.   My goal is to offer an astrological experience.  Our patterns of behavior and perspective are based on personal experience.  Yes – we each have our own personal bias’.  We are unique.

Astrology is an art-form – a self-help tool.  It is regarded as a pseudo-science by mainstream science – because in controlled studies – results cannot be replicated.  Astrology – with the help of astronomy – maps planetary travel around the Sun – their relationships to one another.  Astrology will probably never be considered a science is because each person has “free will” to make their own decisions.  With 7+ billion people on the planet we can expect 7+ billion choices – beliefs – paths.  No two are exactly the same.

The best astrology can offer an individual is the timing of perceived positive or negative effectsAgain – each person who consults an astrologer is going to make their own choice as to how they respond.  What humans rarely consider is that their Soul has ITS own evolutionary path.  One of my goals is to explain the “SOUL’S LOGIC” as to “why my life is the way it is.”  That’s a KEY PIECE of our “personal puzzle” that is usually ignored and rarely discussed.

After 30 years of working in astrology – and hundreds of sessions later – my own personal view is that it works.  Astrology is evolving – updating the newer planets and how they affect or explain us.

What it can do for an individual is explain what is happening – what is being activated in your outer world and Inner-Soul-Self – and when the issue that brought you to me – will end.  We live in a world where we give ‘lip service’ to the Soul of a person.  We’re good until it gets inconvenient!

Through my own experiences I understand that it’s not just about “me.”  My Soul planned my Trip of a Lifetime for her own evolution.  Ignorance breeds fear.  Do not fear astrology.  Research it for yourself before drawing conclusions.  Experience is always a great teacher.

I am not a licensed medical – financial – legal professional.  But I do have a PhD from the School of Life.

My Journey through Life.

I am a Survivor of long-term sexual abuse – so my point of view is based on being able to move from being a ‘victim’ to Survivor to THRIVER.  Through a great deal of work and support I’ve been able to heal – and that includes confronting my abuser.

I’ve had two NDE (near death experiences) and both experiences forever changed who I am – what I am – and my perspective about living on the Timeship Earth.  Here’s a hint.  It’s not for the faint of heart.

I was a caregiver for my mother who had Alzheimer’s for 6 years.  That part of my life was a thousand-death-journey.  Whether you are a caregiver for someone who has a chronic or life-threatening disease – you’re walking a hard and lonely walk.

I’ve played many roles – mother – daughter – friend – lover – wife – employee – business owner – pilot – lobbyist – activist.  My favorite role now is being a grandmother to four people who walk around with a little piece of my Heart.  There is no word to describe that kind of love.

The only person who judges us is ourselves.  There is a vast Universe located inside each of us.  We each came to Earth with a “toolbox” that no one ever told us existed – let alone how to use it.  Energy can never be destroyed – but it does change form.

Are you a body with a Soul – or – a Soul with a body?

Bodies are born.  We are not.  Bodies die.  We do notThe Soul left a Map for us to find – but you have to discover astrology to find your Soul’s Map.  It’s a Compass.  It’s a lifetime guide to important meetings – lessons the Soul needs for its evolution – the timing of Ego experiences – and you don’t have to believe in it for it to help you.

If you have questions – want to collaborate – or just say hello – please fill out the form below.  I enjoy hearing from folks.  Thank you kindly for your time and consideration.  Be your own Self – you’re an Original and you’re loved more than you can possibly imagine!

Thank you!

Robin 🙂