2020 – Step 141: Winds of Change

“When you move beyond consciousness, you caress the beloved.  When you move into the unknown, the beloved caresses you.”  ~Rumi


Credit: Forbes

Which is it?  When “I” protect myself – “I” am protecting you – OR – when “I” protect you “I” am protecting myself?  It’s called Duality.  When life isn’t going right – go left.  There are no ‘wrong choices’ – simply different choices.  For today – think back to around May 3rd.  It’s that ‘thing‘ that caused confusion – the BIG INVISIBLE ‘question mark’ that hangs over ‘my head.‘  The Mind is a projector providing perception and cognition for the individual.  There’s a brand new world waiting on the other side of the Mind-StreamIs it possible that spirituality is the consciousness of Cosmological Unfolding?  Consider our current Quantum Mind ShiftIndividual Mind – Collective Mind – Cosmic Mind.  We NEED the Mind to learn.  The question for today is – “what am I learning from my own confusion?”  Expect recognition!  We currently live in a “God-Time-Mind” paradigm.  The ‘next level‘ is “Galaxy-Number-Space” paradigm. How would that look in your world?  In daily life?  We’re in a learning phase right now – of discovering how everything in life is subject to personal interpretation.  Take it one day at a time – knowing it will look ‘different‘ tomorrow.  Listen inside and trust yourself – above all othersas how best to proceed.  Treat everything like you are handling ‘butterfly wings‘ – because you are the Butterfly and they’re your wings!  There’s a data-dump ahead with conflicting points of view.  Expect to be surprised at what is discovered inside.  The wind is blowing – we can’t see the wind – but we can feel the effects.  Be a good noticer todayFeel the wind on your face and you will have felt the Beloved’s caress.  All is well! 

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