2020 – Step 152: Sunday Blessings – Burning Love

“Embrace the woman, wise word, the way is open.”  #31 I-Ching

Credit: Alana Fairchild

June is a Holy Month.  Support and mutual respect are necessary for all kinds of relationships (person-group-grand vision-project) to flourish.  Welcome to “The Road Less Traveled.”  For today – rise above the Status Quo.  It requires a Mind that can separate ‘fact from fiction’ – that means turn the Movie-Projecter in the “head” off.  If you are reading this – your Soul agreed to be of service – during this time.  Is that statement Truth – or – simply the writer’s  biased opinionFeel the answer in your body.  That’s real “Self-Recognition.”  Mentality and Spirit will determine “next steps” in June.  For many – 2020 has been like a major Life Review.  Repressing anger and frustration creates sadness.  Think back to May/June 2002 and May/June 2012.  What was restricted is being worked on so it can be released without pain – IFwe can let go of it.  Be open to the possibility of traveling further – knowing deeper exploration heals childhood pain.  NOTHING is as it appears.  Detach from all the High Drama (it’s merely a distraction meant to make you doubt yourself).  It takes Great Courage to trust your Inner AuthorityCount your blessings – be kind to everyone – including yourself and have faith that we will end 2020 on a High Note.  All is well! 

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