2020 – Step 137 : Spark of Truth – Chain Reaction

“Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top.  It is the willpower that is most important.”  ~Junko Tabei (first woman to summit Mt. Everest)

Credit: Jeff Wade – “Lady with parasol crossing the road.”

The end is always the beginning.  If a flag is blowing in the wind – is it the flag that’s moving – or is it the wind that’s moving?  What does the “Mind” say?  A pattern is in the process of breaking-wide-open.  Awkward SilenceMind-BlowingMind-Moving  This has been a very special week in a very important month.  The creative force of Nature is oh-so-slowly rising from Human Unconscious. For today – how much do you trust your Invisible-Inside-Self?  Deep inside each of us a “Well of Knowing” that can never be corrupted by ego-personality.  Think back to 1991 + May/June 2012 + 2008Can you connect any dots?  A “new normal” is now emerging.  Human RebootingCan you see it yet?  The old ways of “protecting myself” may not be applicable now.  Dark and Light are being amplified – personally and collectively.  It’s some Big Juju!   Grief – loss – disappointment always leave a gift.  It’s called “life is fragile.”  Recognition inspires Self-Overcoming.  Be with your “self” in all it’s beauty – wonder AND ugly.  Unanswered prayers bring Blessings in Disguise.  Recognize the value of what remains.  Where/What/Who do you want to BE in December 2020?  Get that VISION inside – lock it in Life requires Mental ResilienceBeing determines doing.  Ego-will is learning to bow to Divine Will.  How can “I” be at peace when “I” still want moreYou are much further along that you realizeVictim – Survivor – ThriverWhich way is the wind blowing now?  Can you ‘define‘ what you yearn for?  Which fear is being conquered?  Be honest with Self.  Trust your Inside-Self above all others.  All is well!  ❤

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