2020 – Step 56: Déjà Vu- The Heart of Paradox

“Life asked Death, ‘why do people love me so much more than you?’  Death replied, ‘because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.”  ~Unknown

Credit: Joan Unger (RIP)

Imaginary-Future-History.  The ‘root‘ of the ideal of – Human freedom and individual rights – was born in nations that kept other humans in bondage while exterminating native populations.   Colonialism and “Liberty for all” grew into present day point of view regarding race and racismColor-Coded.  It’s a Paradox. For today – not all Sheros/Heros wear capes.  The Universe is giving us what IT NEEDSnot what we want.  Illumination – understanding – clarity come calling.  Please don’t take the Universe personally.  It’s not always “about me.”  Unconscious/Subconscious is rising to the surface. Listen.  Good-Bad-Ugly-BeautifulStretch!  Courage or lack of it will expand or shrink possibility.  Move past the past – when ‘old stories‘ rise from the ashes.  Witness and let go!  Love doesn’t always look like a Treasure on the outside.  Love is the Medicine – but it’s how we define LOVEAssumption and projection keep us locked in ‘fear-mode.’  The Universe will ‘nudge‘ us today – some will get a hard push.  All experiences are VALIDFocus on strengths and what’s workingBe IN your body.  Contextual understanding is needed.  This has been the month of Becoming – and it’s perfectly OK if you don’t know what to do next.  Be a good noticer Listen to the wind – watch birds.  Get out in Nature if possible. Listen to the Inside-Voice. Self-care is important.  Little things matter.  Simple.  Natural.  Balance.  We’re just 2600 years into a 120,000 year cycle and creating the NEW takes time and effort.  One day at a time.  Be yourself.  Your “Real-True-Self.”  Repeat after me – “I am the meaning-maker of my life.”  Actions speak louder than words.  Be kind.  Be generous with belly-laughs and trust yourself above all others.  You’ve got this!  All is well! ❤

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