2020 – Step 57:  Darkness Surrenders to Light

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  ~Nikola Tesla

March begins at the end of FebruaryPatience and perseverance. Cannot rush Nature.  The Universe runs on an algorithm that Live-Streams 24/7.  The Left-Brain processes information at 40-bits of information/second.  The Right-Brain processes information at 11 Billion-bits of information/second. The Live-Streaming-Receiver is located in the Right-BrainCalling all Creatives – Misfits – Artists – Makers – Dreamers – MavericksWelcome to the Future For todayhow much of your Soul would you be willing to give up so your Ego can get what IT wantsWild Card – Out of Bounds.  Fearless Inventory.  No more distractions.  Unpopular demand.  Take responsibility for personal “self-awareness.”  Loyalty to long-term-goals is FINALLY becoming self-evident.  Find “common ground” in relationships.  Take a look around – right now – see the ‘stuff?‘  Does any remind you of what you are NOTWhy keep itExercise for todaybe a doodlerActivate Right-Brain. Just doodle with pen and paper and see what appears on paper.  You are more than enough – expect to surprise Self.  It’s time to consider a new direction – the Universe is Live-Streaming – are you listening?  Be kind please – do no harm – take no sh*t.  Timing is playing out – whether we understand or not.  All is well!

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