2020 – Step 55: Yin Without Zen

“History is one long processional of crazy ideas.”  ~Phil Knight

Credit: The Guardian

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  Divine Intervention.  The ability to forgive is a skill.  Insight – out-of-the-blueTake Notes!!!  What’s the difference between material and spiritual wealthFor today – doors open that previously were closed and dead-bolt-locked.  Consider the wisdom of NOT getting what “you want.”  What if there is something much better – which will remain invisible until we look in a different direction.  Think about early Pioneers.  They didn’t head off into parts ‘unknown‘ because they were satisfied with life.  How many times have you ever woke up from sleep and said – “I’m so freaking happy I think I’ll change my life.”  No one does that – the status quo is preferred because it’s known.  Consider that no one is ‘moving through life.’  Instead – consider that LIFE is ‘moving through me.‘  The tide is rising.  Listen Inside.  A bold new vision is taking shape.  When you look at the stars overhead moving through the night sky -consider they aren’t moving – you’re standing on a hunk of rock – that is TURNINGPerspective.  Ask open-ended questions.  What would life look like if I _________?  Safety first.  Stick to the facts.  There is no shame in making a mistake – mistakes can be corrected.  The question today is “what am I learning?”  Are you possibly answering a question no one is asking?  Relate the unknown to the known.  What is it that’s ‘unresolved‘ that keeps getting in the way?  Use ‘unexpected words‘ to communicate.  Be curious.  Expect change.  Expect understanding.  Be kind – can’t stress that enough.  Self-Dialogue.  Smile at a stranger today.  Challenge has made us strong.  Keep going.  The support needed may not be in place just yet – but the destination becomes known when Intention + Motion come face-to-face. You are LOVED!  All is well! ❤

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