2020 – Step 49: Cosmic Mirror – Entangled

“Don’t let one bad moment spoil a bunch of good ones.”  ~Dale Earnhardt

Credit NASA February 18, 1930 Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh

Heading into Tomorrow – The Mind uses logic to justify what the Heart has already decided.  Unintended consequences. Uninscribed.  What is the “question mark” hanging over your head from before childhoodTime to start filling in the blanksFor today – if it feels like an endurance test – it is.  The most important skill we need is the ability to say “NO.”  What motivates you to continue saying “YES?”  Endless information requires extreme focus and judgment when living in Information-OverloadIntellectual discipline required for life in the 21st century.  How large is your “Circle of Trust?”  The Soul is efficient – and likes to integrate multiple lifetimes – synthesizing wisdom. Post-Truth-WorldOld Souls are not Ancient Souls. The Universe “live-streams” 24/7.  Slow down.  Tune in.  Different frequency.  “Bad guys” create a disturbance – forcing individuals to changeNow we know!  Reflection.  Redirection.  The Land of Rising GlumWhen we judge others – we’re really projecting what we do not like about Self – “out-there” so we can “see myself” – just the way “I don’t like myself.”  The Cosmic Mirror!  Witnessing history be recreated and rewritten into Herstory.  Full steam ahead.  Fall seven times – get up eightWealthy – Privileged – Entitled.  Time is running out.  Reset Moral CompassMoving in ‘lock-step’ nowMore dominoes fall this week.  Some positive – some negative.  It’s perception.  We are each being tasked with taking responsibility for personal thoughts/deeds/words/actions/perceptionsWhat?  Me? Yes!  YouGet back in your body please.  Be a good noticer today – it’s important.  Life is a movie I project through my Mind’s EyeListen with your eyes – see with your ears.  It is truly a paradox. Lordy-Lordy – you’ve got this!  All is well!  ❤

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