2020 – Step 50 – Suspended Animation

“Never limit yourself to others’ limited imagination. Never limit others’ because of your own limited imagination.”  ~Mae Jemison (engineer – former astronaut)

Credit: Power Animal (Earth Magic Knowledge)

Life is a Mysteryit’s not meant to be understood.  Knowledge is a ‘function’ of the reality that created itFeel the space between “ideas” and “reality.”  Have a seat.  Waking-Down.  Deep-Deep-Learning-DayFor today – be sincere with Self.  Some are experiencing an “old-tiredness” leaving.  Something is starting to “clickinside and “I get IT!”  It has to do with ‘redefining an Ideal.‘  Consider exploring new horizons – Practical Vision.  It’s all too easy to FOCUS on the negative – while FOCUSING on the positive requires greater effortChange over HabitIt’s not for the faint of Heart!  Conforming to the ‘status-quo’ keeps individuals anonymous.  We can never understand another until we look at the world through their eyes.  Try it today.  A ‘ghost from the past‘ lives inside our DNAAncestral beliefs reside deep inside the subconscious.  Shake it off – especially if it feels like the ‘favored-fantasy‘ is never going to happen.  Life is benevolent and IT is trying to deliver the ‘favored fantasy‘ but the path and Endgame will probably differ from the “movie-in-my-mind.”  Life is a process – there is no end – nor destination.  We are ALL just “passing through.”  The Ego will tell a different story though.  Optimism is needed.  Keep going.  Faith.  Hope. Trust yourself above everyone.  Get in Core-Self – aka – True North – aka – Ethical Center.  Hold on to that “feeling.”  Listen to your emotions without trying to fix anything.  Observe them.  Have compassion for them. LISTENthey have a message!  Pay attention to dreams – wild ideas and notice everything.  Be kind – gentle – tender with everyone.  What IFwe’ve had it backwards and didn’t even know itNone if it’s real.  But then – what’s “real?”  Adapting means learning HOW-TO dance with others.  You got this!  All is well! ❤

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