2020 – Step 47: Sunday Blessings – Waiting For A Star to Fall

“Stipulate – (verb) – to make an agreement or covenant to do or forebear something: contract.  To demand an express term in an agreement.  To specify as a condition or requirement (as in an agreement or offer).  To give a guarantee of.”

Nature restores equilibrium by relieving excess.  Take in the view.  Resolve.  Time doesn’t forget – Human does.  Keep going. Without ‘stillness‘ there is little chance of locating the source of imbalance and inner turmoil.  Motion without progress. Signs and omens arrive right on timeFor today –  Inner Stillness requires a quiet Mind.  Dominoes start falling this week.  This ensures positive-plus growth.  It’s NOT a ‘Crossroad-Moment‘ – the goal is to travel “between” the two roads.  The ‘in-between-time.‘  The question is – “how committed am I to supporting what is meant to be mine?”  Answer Self truthfully.  Slow down.  Witness the Mind’s Inner-Chatter.  Do “I” really want to write a new chapter in this out-dated story-book? That was then – this is NOW.  No one likes having to accept that something we’ve invested so much time – love – energy into is radically changing.  Think back to June/July 2010.  A cycle is approaching closure.  Be practical.  Be teachable.  Growth requires taking a risk.  Over the next few weeks – notice what “triggers” you.  It’s one of the ‘sub-personalities’ we often deny – ignore – resist. It’s not going away. We have to rescue ourselvesGrowing down.  It’s humbling.  Get rest.  Get ‘still’ inside.  Before demanding someone else see you – See Yourself!  (Oh god – that can be scary) Expect serendipity.  Expect simple joy.  Notice subtle.  Unplug.  Get outside and breathe deeply.  Exhale slowly.  Be grateful for the good-bad-ugly.  We’re building up our energy and you’ll know when the ‘time is right.’  Assimilate – Integrate – Repeat.  The Creatrix is patient. She moves in mysterious ways.  By understanding Selfthere is no need for the approval of others.  No one gets it all right.  No one gets it all wrong.  We’re all learning as we go!  TRUST YOURSELF!  It’s just like waiting for a Star to fall – the time is closer than you realize.  Patience.  Have faith.  Enjoy THIS moment.  You are loved more than you will ever know.  All is well!  ❤

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