2020 – Step 42: Merge and Turn – Spread Your Wings

“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little.”  ~Sydney Smith (English Clergyman)

Credit: Andre Legaspi – “Nothing But Jet”

Can America share the Globe of Influence with other Great PowersAt what point – does curiosity create difficulty?  Before practicing empathy with Other – one must be in an empathic relationship with Self.  That can turn out to be a very long and messy process.  Does empathy really help Human understand their own feelings and needs?  Usually and probably – with a disclaimer – Human MUST be Self-ConnectedFor today – how much do you trust your Soul to KNOW what it is doingHmmm.  Quick decision making is often impulsive – subconscious. Seek pleasure.  Avoid pain.  The usual.  Going against natural bias and beliefs to make better decisions is uncomfortable and requires mental resourcesWe do not forget what we feelUnsurance.  We’re done “umming and ahhing.Divine TimingFocus is required.  Who needs to “confess?”  Why do we keep emotions bottled upProbably fear. Sad but trueSilence and stillness bring Insight – Awareness – Hidden Forces.  The current path got “me” here – but use Inner-Intuitive-Sight for a new direction.  It’s the Next Level – free of Unconscious sub-personalities. Overcoming Unconscious Programming – we’re free of what we do NOT need – and see the meaning and purpose it once held for us personallyWelcome the Moment today!  Be thankful for revelation – recognition – insight – heaviness overcome.  Be yourself – you’re more than enough.  Be kind and gentle with everyone.  Kindness is so important right now.  Do no harm – take no Sh*t!  Remember – LOGIC is an oh-so-powerful IllusionAll is well! ❤

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