2020 – Step 44: The Day Denial Died

“The truth is, when all is said and done, one does not teach a subject: one teaches a student how to learn it.”  Jacques Barzun

Credit: Investopedia

Lost in the trees – Human forgets the forestThat was then – this is NOWVeil after Veil is removedLearning day!  Holding onto pain – bitterness – delays healing.  The price for “lingering” in pain rises each day.  Time to move on For today – Ruffles might have ridges – but Human makesripples.”  Think back to around July 18th – September 26th – December 3rd ​of last year.  Crisis of credibility.    Quality Control  (values – relationships – outer beauty) arrives today for a final “Self-Worth-Check-Up.”  She takes her job seriouslyShe moves in mysterious ways to get us where we need to BEAs usual – She’ll feed us what we need and desire – but deprives us of a “cherished fantasy.”  It’s only after hopes and dreams have been shattered that we realize the why – which is – to discover what’s lacking. Those “ripples” are “seeds” and a door opens to lead us (if we choose) out of the Box we were given.  Those caught in the “shame circuit” – please slow down.  That’s some “heavy astral gravity.”  It’s time to call off the war and make peace with Self first.  Be your own Best-Friend.  Life is NOT a “one-size-fits-all” proposition.  Focus on the BIG PICTURETrust Intuition.  Trust your Soul.  It already KNOWS everything.  Some may experience a “Jesus take the wheel” moment.  We don’t have all the facts – just yet.  Somewhere along the way – we got ahead of self and it’s time to “re-do” something.  Be objective.  The outer-Mind cannot comprehend what’s going on – at all.  All the “sub-personalities” start running around and damn – it’s just like trying to “herd cats.”  Next to impossible.  All things are possible through LOVELove yourself first – don’t worry about appearing selfish.  The goal is to Be Yourselfyou are so much more than you realize.  Everything is right on time and expect a “Self-Worthbreakthrough today.  You might surprise yourself.  Be kind.  Be natural.  Kindness is very important right now.  Be tender and gentle with Self.  It’s all connected – whether we believe it or not!  All is well! ❤

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