2020 – Step 41: Bridging the Gap

“One’s philosophy is not best in words: it is expressed on the choices one makes.”  ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Intuition is deep – not logical. One side overdeveloped. On side underdeveloped.  Innocence + Wisdom = UnderstandingTruth – Trash – TreasureBalance.  Ordinary lives are measured by “little things.”  At birth – each Human receives an imagination and their tongue is the paintbrush.  Everyone we encounter is a “splash of color” in our lives.  For todaySMILE.  Smiles shed light on any subject that confounds.  Smiles heal.  Smiles can lead to laughter.  Optimism Wars?  It’s easy to empathize with others – but can you empathize with the UniverseNoodle on that!  We are each participating in this ‘thing‘ called Lifeplease show upA new relationship cycle is initiated. Feminine energy softens Hearts.  Reset Moral Compass.  All that glitters is NOT gold.  Look for the Inner Glow.  “Lessons learned” are gifts.  There is great beauty in Uglynothing is ever  wastedRecycle – Reuse – Repurpose – Reintegrate – RepeatEmbrace the Mystery – Shedding Skin.  We’re seeking depth.  Be practical.  Be pragmatic.  Be yourself.  Look around.  What do you SEE?  What we see “out-there” was created Within.  It was an interesting weekend.  Are you ready and willingNo funny business please.  The picture is much BIGGER than we can imagine with now.  There’s a fork-in-the-road aheadIt’s decision time.  Consider – contemplate – keep it real – don’t ignore ‘red flags.‘  You’re much further along than you realize.  All is well.  ❤

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