2020 – Step 38: Shifting Gears

“A day wasted on others is not wasted on one’s self.”  ~Charles Dickens

Credit: Kent Williamson – “Reinefjorden, Lofoten, Norway”

Cycle change ahead.  A seed begins its upward journey toward the light.  Light opposes gravity.  ​Rise and shine.  Sharing Emotion.  Deep thinkers.  Secret Keepers.  Brains versus Yawns.  Sweet talkFor today – it takes courage to grow up.  Adulting isn’t easy – even for adults.  We’re between ‘here and there.’  Transition day.  Make no assumptions – they often turn out to be projections.  Be curious.  Making – Unmaking – Making – Repeat.  Silent seeds planted August 2019 are working their way to the surface (from around August 1st).  What was the “burning desire?”  Who was “gaslighting who?”  Humans love certainty – it’s ‘memory-driven.‘  Be MIND-FULL of ‘self-talk.‘  Change over Habit takes daily practice.  Problems are solvable.  There’s spiritual meaning for Endings.  Remember – endings are always planned at the beginning.  Which memories need to be keptThought streams become Life-StreamsWithout options – the path is always clear.  Be kind.  Be aware.  Be VERY curious.  See with your ears – listen with your eyes.  Nothing is as it appears!  We’re coming out of the Shadows now.  Patience – this IS about deep integration.  The “Gathering” has begun.  All is well! ❤

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