2020 – Step 40: Sunday Blessings – Driving Mutation

“Expunge – (verb) – to strike out or mark for deletion.  To efface completely: destroy.  To eliminate from one’s conscious.”

Credit: Post Secret

Fire – Love – Earth – WaterMeaningful action.  Accept Mystery.  One door closes – another door opens. The work is done.  Burn off the dross.  The goal NOW is coming home to truer Self – authentic – real – without fear or shame Self.   For today – the question today is – “can I give up what I love – but NO longer need?”  Emotional insecurities come out to play.  Enough with the games.  Why make someone a priority who keeps “me” as an option?  Take responsibility for participation.  Battles are won WITHINDEEP LearningMake peace with failure.  The outer-Mind is confused – the inner Mind is clear.  Detours and disappointment are  “tests of Faith.”  Regeneration of Self.  Look at how we try to mold others to fit our model – so we can stay in a relationship and avoid discomfort.  Ahhh.  There is meaning behind the meeting.  Contrast is strong – as we see “where I am” by discovering “where I am NOT.”  If it’s NOT true for everyone – then it’s NOT true for anyone.  Is that accurate?  The Universe has extended everyone an invitation to explore what is deep – dark – hidden in plain sight.  It’s a Personal-Projection-ParadoxQuiet precision and focus are required to move beyond the knownWhat is and what was are mutating into something new – not yet experienced – completely unknown.  Smaller cycles BOW to larger cycles.  The stage is set – the actors are in place.  We each created today’s “movie” back in July 2018 and January 2019. We each set it into motion – now we see if we can handle our Creation.  It’s showtime!  Be WITH yourself today.  Get back in your body.  Are you a Human Doing – OR – a Human BeingBe your own Shero – be generous with compassion and forgiveness.  Unforgiveness is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die.  The only person hurt is “me.”  Get rest – move and stretch – put good food in your body.  Take one of the handy “sideways escalators” to the Next Level.  Say “thank you” for Divine protection received.  What am I learning todayCuriosity – Wonder – Optimism bring out-of-the-blue-and-unexpected-awarenessAsk and you will receive! All is well! ❤

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