2020 – Step 37: Chance – Change – Choice

“You don’t lead by pointing and telling people some place to go.  You lead by going to that place and making a case.”  ~Ken Kesey

Credit: Peter Blanchard – “Honeycreeper Lunchtime”

The TwistExpect a Learning MomentThe Universe – live-streaming 24/7.  Obstacles serve to help us steady and balance Self.  At a loss for words.  Small doses of reality.  Split personalitiesRisky business For today – rather than starting over from the beginning – consider starting over from a position of strength.  Running on “auto-pilot” creates space for mistakes.  Here AND Now – what is at the top of the “to-do” AND the “Not To DOlistThere’s much more going on than meets the eyeDeep Churning well below the surface.  Consider wisdom is “seeking you out.”  Expect a sign from the Universe – direct – clear – loud – proud.  It takes courage to stand up and speak out.  You’ll recognize when the “time is right.”  Something deep inside is rising to the surface – just LISTEN to the “inner-rumblings.”  No matter how it looks – Justice has been served.  Faith and Trust that “I do NOT know everything” is important moving forward.  The Greater Intelligence runs on an algorithm we cannot begin to comprehend.  What we can comprehend is that “I am here for a reason and purpose – even if I do not understand right now.”  Have faith.  Cooperation.  Collaboration.  Find your “peeps.”  We reorganizing – reshuffling – realigning.  No one’s comfortable. Some hold on in fear – scared sh*tless.  Loosen up.  We’re all in a different place – we have to get acclimated to this new place.  No trying to compensate for what we believe is missing – that causes further delay.  Take Heart – have courage and stand tall.  Just take care of the daily minutia today!  The question is “Who am I becoming?”  Wonder while you workAll is well! ❤

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