Step 361: Learning Group – Delabilization

“Impervious – (adjective) – not allowing entrance or passage – not capable of being damaged or harmed – not capable of being affected or disturbed.”

Credit: Madalina Paunica – “Self-Portrait as Still Life”
One generation ago Human entered the 21st Century.  What a ride – returning to the past in the future.   Realization – not a machine – offers clarity.  It’s never too late.  For today – a “Lie Detector” does not reveal the truth – only what “I believe to be the truth.”  There is a realignment of Souls taking place.  You may or may not be aware of it – but over the next couple of weeks it will become obvious.  Each person hears something “calling” to them.  Strip away ALL labels.  There is no left or right side – it’s about “The Cause” we find ourselves being drawn to – it’s a “Learning Group.”  Hate equals annihilation.  We’re approaching “completion” of a Knowing that started rising to the surface in July 2018.  Notice thoughts – people – places – the unusual today.  Out of the ordinary.  Humans often forget their Non-Physical – Invisible-Self.  Invisible-Self is starting to reveal Itself.   A “secret shame” prevents people from revealing the dark – anxious part of themselves with others.  Are you still beating yourself up about something/someone?  What advice would you give someone about how to move through their “secret shame?”  Listen to yourself and take your own advice.  Trust yourself.  Expect Knowing to be revealed.  The big question today is “how much do I love myself and how do I show myself True Love?”  This is step-by-step process.  Be kind – gentle – tender with Self and Other.  The answer will be found one step at a time.  Embrace the realignmentAll is well!  ❤

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