Step 360: Looking Back – Then Moving Forward

“The only way around is through.”  ~Robert Frost

Credit: Liat Huller Harari – “Pink and Orange Cranes at Sunrise”

Imagine the experience of “not pretending.”  ​The choice to breathe is a shared experience – but the choice to live is an “involuntary breath.”  Identity is defined by “words spoken.”  Expansion is “in the air.”  For today – teachers arrive in unexpected form.  One of the greatest lessons is in “how to say NO.”  When is the best time to “say YES?”  Plant seeds.  The soil is fertile and the stars are aligned.  “Make hay while the sun shines,” as my grandma used to say. Life can be brutiful – brutal and beautiful.  Unexpected opportunity arrives.  Clarity and illumination are available.  Life can still surprise!  Trust in the Invisible Support from the Universe.  Yesit requires faith + action – to arrive at commitment.  Focus on what is pure and lifts you “up.”  Do not be intimidated by your own gifts either.  The question is – “what can I do with all that I have?”  Reach for the Un-Numbered today.  Count blessings.  Be grateful.  All that is required is to simply “show-up” each day.  Some messages arrive via “flashing neon” lights – pay attention.  Be a good NoticerBe kind – gentle – tender with Self and OtherCounting down – – 5 – – 4 – – 3 – – 2 – – All is well! ❤

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