Step 328: Unraveling the Real Story

“Sempiternal – (adjective) – of never-ending duration: eternal.” 

Credit: Irina Sigl – “Magical Playground”

Living in the the moment” ensures “living in uncertainty.”  Guaranteed!  Human needs encouragement more than advice.  It can make all the difference in the world – especially for childrenKindness is contagious For today – what if we were to discover – before MY body was born – that “my” Soul made a Covenant with THE Greater Intelligence (God/Buddha/Allah/Creator) to be “that person” – for others – at various times during my Earthwalk?  In exchange – my Soul would receive the opportunity to evolve.  Is that a “fair trade?”  Unfortunately – Ego did NOT receive the Memo about the Pre-Birth-Covenant.  It can create mayhem and chaos for Ego.  The Holy-Trinity – –  “You-Me-Thee.”  Squeezed on all sides.  Find a moment to consider how/when “I’ve been that person for others.”  Consider “Fruedian-Slips” made in the past.  Being “that person” for others may or may not be known or understood.  It can be a positive or negative experience.  It can feel awkward – it can feel sweet.  Kindness encourages healing.  It’s OK to be kinder than necessary.  Something is ending – so something can begin.  Pay attention to children – they are wonderful teachers of how to be “THAT PERSON” without ego getting in the wayNATURE HEALSObserve.  Be a good Noticer.  Get outside – take deep breaths and remember to laugh – especially at yourself.  It’s called “The Maverick’s Path.”  Don’t take it all so serious.  This is just a “moment in time.”  This too shall pass.  Be yourself – trust yourself – you know more than you think and you are loved more than you will ever know.  It’s Monday – let’s roll.  All is well. ❤

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