Step 329: Survival of the Friendliest

“When life gets tangled, there is something so reassuring about climbing a mountain.  The challenge is unambiguous.”  ~Stacy Allison 

Credit: Southwest Airlines

The “End” is ALWAYS decided at the Beginning.  What would it take for Human to “come together” and work in Oneliness?  Bacteria cooperates instead of competing – thus ensuring survival for ALL.  What does “freedom” smell like?  What does “freedom” look like?  Human knows little about the effect of disinformationFor today – happiness is the “effect” of circumstances – while JOY will sustain an individual through great adversity.  In order to sustain JOY – do NOT destroy what “I already have.”  The winds of change will either rip you apart or lift you up on the “wings of imagination.”  It IS a personal choice. It takes courage to look at the mirrors around and within.  The reflection observed is ALWAYS the Self – the Great Teacher who has much to offer those willing to look INSIDE“Is what I see reality or an illusion?”  The answer may be a ParadoxThey are one and the same.  Sometimes we create illusions to HIDE information from Self.  Storm in a Teacup?  Perhaps the Ancient Self unveils that which we can bear – when the time is right.  We are all learning new skills.  Play be the rules?  Which rulesWho made the rules?  Do they need to be updated?  Collaboration.  Building Bridges.  Inspiration.  Pragmatism.  Kindness.  Courage.  All possibilities.  Relationships are coming into clear focus.  Take a deep breath – exhale slowly and imagine – “WHAT IF?”  Today is a good day for the TRUTH!  What does “adventure smell and look like?”  All is well!  ❤

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