Step 327: Sunday Blessings – Skittles

“Confluence – (noun) – the act or process of merging.  A flowing together of two or more streams.”

Educating the Mind without educating the Heart is NOT education – at all.  Is it possible to choose correctly without “seeing?”  Skittles candy pieces are all the same flavor – but the brain tricks Human into thinking they are different flavors (info here)  because they are different colors.  Hmmm.  There is no right or wrong – – good or bad – –  right now – we live in Separation.  Human believes because “Other” appears different – they are “different.”  For today – There’s a “space” in “Timewaiting to meetWe’re HERE.  Think Wise-Woman-Energy.  The last time this “space and Time” met was in November 1936.  Living in uncertainty means “living in trust.”  That’s a stretch for Human – many and most days.  Effort – Trustworthiness – Commitment.  Impossible becomes plausibleResponsibility accompanies Manifestation. Faith is an INSIDE-Agreement.  The “Separation” between Humans will grow wider – for awhile. Energy is moving Down-InsideNOTUp-OutsideExpect the Unexpected.  Pay close attention to Inner Truth (True North – Inner-Core).  The focus is changing – moving from “what’s best for me” to “what’s best for the group?”  Like attracts LikeNot everyone was born to FIT-IN.  If obstacles appear – pay attention to what “change” needs to be made.  Ego hurries.  Witnessing opposing Values – we eventually see the Value in everything.  There is great beauty hiding inside UGLYDeep ugly resides inside Great Beauty.  It is a Grand ParadoxStay aware.  Stay awake.  Completion is close.  Life as an Earthwalker is nothing more than an endless round of cycles.  We’re living in cycles we’ve never experienced before.  Be GENTLE.  Be kind.  Look into the eyes – deeply – of a person during conversation.  You can see the Soul of Other.  The brain plays “tricks” on us – we’re all the same FLAVOR insideAll is well!  ❤

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