Step 284: Cosmic In Sight!

“Sagacious – (adjective) – Acutely intelligent, wise, shrewd, judicious, perspicacious and insightful.” 

Credit: NASA/JPL Cassini
A Grand Shift is now evidentThe Un-Ending is always Expanding.  Human is learning a new skill – DEEP SEEING.  Time.  Distance.  Perspective.  A Mirror reflects “all that is” and “all that is NOT” by dividing ‘light and dark.’  What’s the difference between a “revelation” and a “surprise?”  We react to ‘surprises’ – – but – – a “revelation” will change Human in some way.  Either way – both bring a New PerspectiveFor todayUncertainty is an Open-Door.  If you don’t know what you’re doing – even better – because chances are higher than average – you’ll find what you’re looking for!  Soften your focus.  Watch your breathing (no shallow breathing).  Watch your words (promoting peace or chaos?).  Watch your Focus (especially self-righteousness).  Remember the Four AgreementsBe impeccable with your word – don’t take anything personally – make NO assumptions and be your Best-Self.  Human is acquiring a new skill-set: Self-Sourcing (yes by-god I can save myself).  No one is coming to save “ME” – stretch the imagination – it’s time to start Trickling-Up.  We are each re-writing “my Story” – without blame – without shame – without prejudice – without judgementDo you believe that? We’ll all find out today what “I believe.”   It’s a Grand Paradox – we are ALL a Divine Manifestation of ConsciousnessBe curious.  Ask questions.  Be fair.  Be kind. Be gentle.  Be yourself.  We are each in the process of eliminating a behavior – it’s what we weren’t aware of we’ve been complicit in.  Where we spend our money is casting our vote for what kind of world we want to live in.  This weekend offers a glimpse of January 2020.  Time to go to the Next Level!  We’re creating our New Normal together.  See the Humor.  All is well!  ❤

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