Step 283: Nexus of Clarity

“Phantasmagoria – (noun) – A dreamlike state which images both real and imagined blur together.  A constantly changing series of scene or events that shift in color or intensity.” 

Credit: Astronomy Picture of the Day (NASA)

What if during December 20-22, 2012 we each did a Life Review (consciously or unconsciously)?  Dross burned.  Human learns “how-to” by learning “how NOT to.”  It takes lots and lots of practice.  Have you ever acted in a “cowardly manner?”  Please raise your eyebrows if you have (we all have – no shame).  When you tell yourself the Trutheverything falls into placeMomentum is gaining. For today – the answer sought may NOT be wearing the costume you expect.  Epiphany – Inspiration – Revelation.  Notice “random-thoughts” today.  Think back to April 5th (the decision to live OR die was madeI didn’t know any better) and July 2nd (discovered the Heart of the Matter).   Who is “blowing smoke” and holding up mirrors?  The Plot-Twist is wild-weird-wonky!  ​Slow down – NOTICE – Self and Soul.  We’re witnessing Human Evolution on a grand scale – it’s breathless in scope and vast in response. Connect the dots and consider “my Destiny” as we begin “changing lanes.”  It could take to Christmas to get realignedMove at Nature’s pace – there’s no hurry.  Moving in time and rhythm with Earth’s Cycle takes practice.  Move your body.  Insecurity creates doubt – which creates hypocrisy.  It’s time to address an Imbalance that’s been a source of extreme frustration. You’ll know the “right time” to act.  Trust is staying in alignment with “What I Know.”  BALANCE.  Something is “cracking open” this weekend!  Much to be revealed.  Fear NOT the shadows. Be kind.  Be gentle.  Be YOURSELF – warts and all!  You are loved more than you know!  Tell the Truth to yourself – and it’ll fall into place.  All is well! ❤

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