Step 257: Sunday Blessings – Keeping Time

“Continual (adjective) – continuing indefinitely in time without interruption; recurring in steady usual rapid succession.”  

Credit: NASA/JPL – Saturn’s Long-Storm (circles the planet – top band)
MomentumMixing – Matching – Aligning – Converging.  Father Time asks each of us – “are you ready to move on or shall we continue along this path?”  It’s one thing to KNOW the Truth – but am “I living my Truth?”  Strategic stillness is necessary.  Moving forward requires moving-inward.  “The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  Cycle of Circles.  Everything eventually winds down – loses energy – and falls apart.  Only to be reborn – once again – from the ashes.  Life goes on – whether Human pays attention or not.  For today – Think back to Aprilwas anything put on hold? What area of life is it time to move forward?  Once over the hump – downhill speed picks up as we change direction. Life is FRAGILE.  Those who benefit the most – do not want the Old-Status-Quo to fall apart.  We’re making choices for January 2020.  The sacrifice is not “this OR that” – but rather the IDEA of “this OR that.”  There’s a good chance a conversation needs to happen.  Wounds and hurt feelings need to be addressed.  Inaccuracies corrected.  Address it or not – but Grace arrives – no matter the choice.  Fire can provide warmth – or it can destroy.  Appreciate relationships.  Mutual Respect is needed as there have probably been misunderstandings.  Make peace with Self before trying to make peace with another.  We’re weaving the future.  Watch Nature for guidance.  Everything is right on time!  All is well!  ❤

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