Step 259:  The Next Level

“Labile – (adjective) – readily or continually undergoing chemical, physical or biological change or breakdown: unstable.  Readily open to change.” 

Credit: Samantha McJunkin/FB
Maturity takes a long time to cultivate.  It’s achieved step-by-step.  It usually requires getting burned a few times before we “get it.”  Is “The Next Level” an up or down step?  Your answer reveals the movieThe Mind” is projecting.  Consider it’s neither – but rather – a Sideways Escalator.  ​It’s not a lateral move either.  It’s a paradox.  It starts in childhood.  Girls are taught to be subservient and boys are taught to exercise dominance.  The one thing the US has in common with every country on this planet is Gender InequalityFor today – We’re learning what is not SOCIALLY acceptable.  Self-respect.  Self-love.  When was the last time you said – 1) “Stop interrupting me,” 2) “I just said that,” and/or – 3) “No explanation needed?”  Something INSIDE is crystallizing.  Inflation – Conflation.  There are ‘side effects‘ for every choice. Whatever the issue being dealt with – seek the solution – because everyone else wants to focus on the obstacles. Keep your feet on the groundIs the focus short-term or long-term?  The bigger question is – “what am I learning and what is my Soul’s path?”  Be kind to self and others.  Giggle every chance you get.  Belly laughs are better.  Have compassion.  Ask for and/or give forgivenessIt opens the Heart!  Be yourself – trust yourself.  You KNOW more than you realize.  All is well!

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