256: Unfulfilled Assumptions

“If you do not change directions, you may end up where you are heading.”  ~Lao Tzu

How Snow Owls Kiss – Credit: Awesome Animals & Nature FB
September is the perfect month to take some time for a Yearly Review.  Make two lists of the top five things – “TO DO” and – “NOT TO DO” – that were deemed necessary – crucial – important in January.  Is suffering truly necessary to heal?  Says who?  Who needs to be forgiven?  Who needs to forgive you?  For todaythe question is, “am I walking my talk?”  Forgiveness is a powerful tool to help us disconnect from energetic time-loops from people – places – situations – memories that drain and suck the life from Human.  The past is thick – heavy – and slows down progress.  Just like Nature balances itself out – Human can balance masculine and feminine.  Masculine energy fears emasculation – Feminine energy fears victimization.  Balance and blend.  Masculine clarity and discernment becomes tender – loving and compassionate when integrated with the Feminine.  Feminine nurturing and connection to life becomes fierce and discerning – so that wise action becomes natural -when balanced with the Masculine.  Balance – Blend – Repeat as often as needed.  Be kind – Be tolerant and if you get the chance look deeply into a strangers eyes – especially if it’s someone you would normally avoid.  We’re not really that different – after all.  Set technology to the side and go outside.  Nature heals.  Just be yourself.  All is well!   ❤ ❤ ❤

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