Step 227: Sparks Fly

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”  ~Benjamin Franklin

Credit: Unknown
Focus on what’s working in Life.  Deep and profound change is occurring on an invisible levelOnce Hearts are changed – Minds will change.  It takes time.  Interaction is a conversation – on some level.  When the dross has burned away – that which “bonds” molecules exists in its most stable form – without interruption from foreign matter.  Corporations and their leaders are being pressured by employees and customers to “take a stand.”  Once something is known – it cannot be unknown.  Generations clash – as the previous generation is blamed for problems and the next generation is suspect.  It’s a dilemma that’s as old as time.  Drama is ALWAYS optionalFor today – expect the unexpected – a Twist of Fate.  Unrest exists.  Clear the confusion.  Raising awareness.  Think back to around May 8thwhat conversation/ information came into your orbit?  An adjustment is needed – with completion due around October 8th.  Today is merely another step of the Journey.  May need to grieve a ghostOpen your eyes – open your Mind – be open to an expected Truth.  If that awkward conversation still hasn’t happened – today could be “that day.”  Perhaps we’ll wait until OctoberNever do/say/be/act something because you feel/believe you are “supposed to – or – should.”  We cheat our Soul when we do that.  Observe.  Listen. Receive.  How much do you trust your Intution – your Soul-Self?  Life shows up for “me” every day – let “me” be my bestBest-Self.Let’s get on with life.  All is well!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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