Step 226: Purpose and Promise

“Miscible – (adjective) – capable of being mixed; specifically: capable of mixing in any ration without separation of two phases.”

The “Sugar-High” is coming to an end. Innovation forces EvolutionPeople at war with themselves – are at war other others. When Human is 100% committed to fulfilling their own desires – they are in competition with others – equally committed to fulfilling their desires.  When we take more than we need – then we take from others whose needs are not being met.  Peace is achieved when it becomes necessaryWe’re waking upFor today –  No one can teach another a “lesson” they THINK they already know (including myself).  Let it be.  When you truly want Knowledge – it will be found. Think back to around February 4thgood newswe’re ready to learn what we couldn’t learn/see/understandBaptized by The Light.  If you really want to “go deep” – think back to August 2015.  Compare and contrast relationships between “then and now.”  The Mind bows to the Heart.  Start noticing over-consumption. It’s importantWords can HealForgiveness unbinds the chains that bind (even if you have to keep repeating it to yourself – forgive self and other).  If an awkward conversation is necessary – then start the conversation off with – “this might be awkward – but…….”  Be open.  Be practical.  Feet on the ground.  An adjustment period arrives next week.  Judging others is judging Self.  Why do we do that?  Because we don’t know what to do with all the orphaned emotions we carry inside usWhat does “my Soul” want?  The Spirit of Truth speaks.   All is well!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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