Step 228: Goal Mining

“Tortuous – (adjective) – marked by repeated twists, bends or turns, winding.”

Echos of the past live in the present.  Without a frame of reference it’s easy to get lost.  Hypothetical.  What if you were to discover – that from this day forward – every choice you make was to ensure the survival of all babies born in 2016 – so they would reach their 40th birthdayConsider the bigger picture.  In 578-575 BCEDemocracy – as we know it – was born.  The Rule of Law was formed (no man is above the law) – and – it was agreed that we would worship ONE GOD. It’s called Human Evolution and we all have something to contribute.  For todayThe Universe is watching.  Human is evolving – slowly but surely.  If the Goddess of “No-F*cks-Left-To-Give” shows up (or witnessing in another) – then understand that someone has been pushed to their limit.  There will be no more “settling for – and calling it a life.”  There will be no more “going along to get along.”  The Human body lives in a constant cycle of life and death on the cellular level.  Constant Regeneration.   When Human faces it in daily life it can be painful and/or excruciating.  Stop fighting Nature.  Look at the area of life that is experiencing the most stress.  Human is being pushed by external forces to strong to be denied.  All that is required is to “let go” instead of “holding on.”  Sounds simple.  Get proverbial ‘ducks in a row’ – because tomorrow it’s time to consider getting Self organized – as the next leg of the Journey begins.  Be kind to yourself.  Expect IlluminationWitness.  Observe.  Love-Trust-Surrender-Repeat.  Each Human has great VALUE – we just have to recognize and REMEMBER it!  For those who consider themselves “Enlightened” – remember – Chop-Wood-Carry-Waterbefore AND after Enlightenment.  What is the GOAL?   All is well! ❤ ❤ ❤

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