Step 209: Developing Unconventional Wisdom

“Nisus – (noun) – an effort or striving toward a particular goal or attainment; impulse.”

Credit: Truth Beckons

August begins at the end of JulyBoth feet on the ground please. Change in point of view ahead.  Traditional wisdom is more “tradition” than “wisdom.”  Listen to the content – not the presentation – if facing surprise – disagreement – conflict.  Re-evaluate thoughts and direction.  Human believes it’s the “one big thing.”  Not so!  It’s the “little things” added up – over time – that make all the difference to each of us.  For todayexpect the unexpected.  It’s like a “pop-quiz” you didn’t see coming.  What happens/doesn’t happen is the result of action taken/not taken on or around April 22nd/23rdThe Universe gives us what IT needs – NOT what we want.  Yes – lest we forget – we agreed to do something for the Universe in exchange for our Trip of a Lifetime here as an EarthwalkerChoices/actions taken today bring results October 28th.  It’s the “little things.”  We’ve been practicing all month – by asking Self, “how far you wanna’ go and how much you wanna’ risk?”  Stop HIDING your Maverick Gifts you know – that quirky thing(s) that makes you uniquely you.  The Universe NEEDS it – we are the relationship between Creator and Created.  Think about all those “little things” you’ve wanted to say/do but didn’tLove your subconscious!  TRUST yourself.  Be kind.  Explore empathy. Expect insight.  All is well!   ❤

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