Step 210: Without (Shake It Off)

“Persnickety – (adjective) – Overly concerned with details; finicky or very particular; requiring very precise or careful attention.” 



When is the last time you stood on top of an invisible mountainMeaning is gaining in strength. Human lacks context.  We are currently 2500 years into a 120,000 year cycle that birthed an agreement to believe in “One God” – the “rule of law” was created and  the foundation for modern science was laid.  Cycles are nested in cycles and the wheel keeps turningIt never stops.  We’ve officially entered the Transition moving from Seeker to Co-Creator.  Who is the authority in charge of “what I believe?”  Who determines the TRUTHFor todayReflection keeps us from sleepwalking through life – question outdated ideas and ask yourself what you find most important. Self-doubt sometimes clouds the issue – so try to relax – give time and attention to personal concerns.There’s a difference between ‘ignorance’ and ‘willful ignorance.’  Stop trying to get out of the fire until ‘fully cooked.’   Ask questionsReframe questions if needed.  Instead of making it “right OR wrong” – consider making it a “YES OR NO” question.  That usually brings the Truth to the surface quickly.  All that’s happening is we are each being asked to eliminate an “emotional belief” about personal values.  Laughter is good medicine.  Keep it real.  Be honest with self.  Be generous with kindness and compassion.  Smile at a stranger and look deeply into an old person’s eyes.  You won’t be disappointed!  All is well!   ❤

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