Step 208: Sunday Blessings – Speechless

“Evince – (verb) – to constitute outward evidence of; to display clearly; to reveal.”

Credit: Kottke

Lots of Gurus out-there – – – TRUST YOURSELF.  From the outside – it can be difficult to see who is ‘running the show‘ – Ego or EssenceFrom the inside – it is crystal clear.  Ego needs to be noticed – Essence is comfortable in its own skin.  ​Time and Path are converging – asking us to be our best Best Self” as the process of individual unfolding begins – this week. When forward movement is thwarted we experience doubt and uncertainty.  The Silence Force is making its presence known – (it’s our currency).  The potential for advancement is higher than average – but the timing is tricky For today – do not forget those who’ve helped you along the way. PRACTICE GRATITUDE.    What if Fate is an old memory from the future?  (Yep – you were supposed to meet all those people – look what was learned)  Examine personal behavior that is no longer needed – as well as those who do NOT reflect who “I have become.”  Use grace and compassion when letting them go.  The WORDS we THINK are more important than the WORDS we SPEAKThoughts become Things.  Find time for stillness.  Listen to thoughts.  Listen to words.  LISTEN.​  ​Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now​.​ ~Jack Kerouac  – All is well! ❤

2 thoughts on “Step 208: Sunday Blessings – Speechless

  1. Excellent post and a very fascinating article. I have been reading about this on flipboard,
    That statement..
    Fate is old memories from the future…
    Ever since you wrote that earlier last week, I feel and see this deeply I guess you can vertical sight is expanding…
    Have a beautiful day creating miracles..Blessings and Love from my heart to yours❤☀️


    1. Ohhhhh – thank you Blooms & Thorns! May the Sun always shine in your Heart! We’re all changing so much – I see it all as a positive! One step at a time, though! 🙂 Much Love to you! ❤

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