Step 207: Love is Medicine

“Light will someday split you open.”  ~Hafiz  ❤

What we “THINK” we “KNOW” isn’t really all that much.  After all – we don’t KNOW what we don’t KNOW – – YET!  Context is needed.  Think back to one year ago today – July 27, 2018.  Humanity shared a Milestone.  Deep inside every Human is a deep Well of Truth.  Compare yourself today to where you were one year ago.  For today BE CURIOUS!  The Soul has a very different agenda than the Ego-in-charge one year ago!  Curiosity will lead to many places – Within AND Without.  The Agenda is to go wherever you sense the ever-elusive Truth is leading you.  And YES – don’t be surprised to find it was hiding in plain sight all this time!  It takes courage to be yourself.  We are birthing The Unconventional Heart!  Love is my medicine.  If feeling stress or anxiety – that’s an underdeveloped part of Self catching upBoth sides of Self are learning to love one another.  Karma is not a Cosmic Debt – it means experiencing LIFE from ALL sides – and there are so-so-so-so-so many sides to Life!  All is well!  ❤

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