Step 206: Between The Line

“Motley – (adjective) – made up of many different people or things.” 

A mirror separates light and dark – to reflect WHAT IS and WHAT IS NOT.  Human can always ‘reverse engineerintellectual justifications for what we’re doing.  Sincerity matters much!  A quick fix is desired – but good old fashioned “elbow grease” may be the solution to eradicate the “real problem” once and for all.  And what is the real problem? Accepting that the Status Quo is no more. We are the ONE we’ve been waiting for.  For today –  Look in the Mirror!  The “New Now” arrives next week.  Start tidying up unresolved issues that continue to linger – especially emotional issues from childhood – patterns that repeat.  Rewrite your own History/Herstory.  USE COMMON SENSEYes – Love heals.  Forgiveness is good.  Be your own authority. The “Constant Contraction” being experienced is the collapse of the Status Quo.  It takes courage to “bridge the gap” between Self and Other. What seems negative may actually be serving an important purpose – beyond the scope of personal imagination. There is a reason Life is called a MysteryMiracles and Mayhem are possible.  Perception is the key to distinguishing the difference.  If unsure – listen to your body – it won’t lie to you.  You’re much further along than you realize.  Have you figured out yet – that your Soul has a totally different Agenda than your Ego?  Balance!  Be kind.  Be the CHANGE you-personally want to see in the world. And above all – KEEP your sense of humor!  Not much is as it seems!  All is well!

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