Step 205: Evolutionary Momentum

“Undergird – (verb) – to make secure underneath; for the basis or foundation of; strengthen, support.” 

Credit: NASA (ISS in front of Sun)
Left to its own devices – without interference from Ego – the Heart will NATURALLY find its way HOME.  Reflection.  Learning can’t happen until something changes.  Pleasure and regret.  Not all of life’s mysteries have logical solutions.  Endurance builds maturity.  Take the long-view.  The Mind bows to the Heart – not emotions. The Heart carries an Intelligence the Mind cannot comprehend right now.  It will.  All in good time.  For today –   Notice signs – symbols – portents.  Allow inspiration to flow – balance with common sense.  Pride is something Human seeks to compensate for uncertainty and hides despair.  Life is expressed THROUGH each of us.  We are the conduit of “life’s-expression.”  Instead of success OR failure – – ask – – “how can I contribute to make life meaningful?”  Consider that the Universe gives us what IT NEEDS for us to have – not necessarily what we want.  When we are at peace with the Universe – we will KNOW peace withinBe yourself.  Trust yourself.  Trust the Intelligence in your Heart!  All is well!  ❤

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