Step 204: One Face/One Race – Human

“Human – (noun) – the physical space between the Creator and the Created.” 

Credit: Global Trade Review

Transition – Life is unfolding – Why do Humans fear the future?  Redefining Human.  Think back to around October 15, 2018 – relationship was redefined and a choice was made – to the exclusion of another option.  In choosing one path over another – something was missing.   What if we were to discover that Fate is nothing more than witnessing a memory from the futureFor today Begin – a new relationship communication cycle commences (we recognize a pattern). Could be a gentle reminder – OR – a blast from the past that reveals what is missing in relationship communication.  Clairvoyance – do you trust yourself or not?  Inspiration is birthed through Intuition.  Let go of expectations if trying to retrieve something from the past.  Allow inspiration to flow.  “Giving Love” or “Being Love?”  What is the difference?  What is “THE” most important thing – to you – in a relationship?  It’s playing out for each of us “Out-There.”  Pay attention to how Human treats “other.”  Miracles happen.  Prayers are answered. Be generous with smiles – kindness and laughter.  Many roads – One Journey.  Nothing is as it appears.  Let it BeAll is well!   ❤

2 thoughts on “Step 204: One Face/One Race – Human

    1. You are most welcome – thank you for being open-minded about different points of view! We really are going to get through ALL of this “stuff,” she wrote with a smile on her face….. 🙂

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