Step 196: Thank You for The Paradox

“Indefatigable – (adj.) – a person who persists without becoming fatigued.”

Find your Center.  There’s a ‘power shift‘ underway.  Something new is coming over the horizon.  Slow down.  When experiencing conflict – step back.  Nothing is it appears.  Can’t fight Nature.  Balance.  Welcome ‘unexpected Truth.‘  Expect intellectual and emotional clarity – based on seeds planted in January (now I understand WHY I made that choice)Breakthrough and/or blossoming?  Judge no thing and no one (especially self).  The Soul already knows the TruthHuman has to rememberFor today – we reach a culmination.  Check ‘expiration dates.’  Discard as needed.  The Universe is watching!  Your Soul and my Soul are old friends – let’s NOT forget that today, shall we?  Friendship matters.  Be kind – Be peace.  Be Love.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  The Sun will rise tomorrow and we will continue on.  The journey NEVER endsBefore enlightenment – chop wood – carry water.  After enlightenment – chop wood – carry waterAll is well!   ❤


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