Step 195: Put Your Hand on Your Heart (can you feel it beating?) – Bowing to the Heart

“Remora – (noun) – an obstacle, hindrance or obstruction.” 
There’s a whole lotta’ crazy out there – right now.  We’re all crazy to varying degrees – let’s NOT make it a competition. 🙂   Be generous with kindness – compassion – HUMOR!  The Heart is the first organ to form in a fetus – the brain forms next.   Humans believe the Mind to be the brain.  The Mind is a ‘mental construct‘ of the brain – to give the ego a feeling of security.  Nothing scares the ‘bejesus’ out of ego more than believing it has no control or is NOT safe.  The Intelligence of the Heart (remember it formed first) KNOWS the Truth!
The Heart is ‘tricky‘ and the Mind obliviousmost of the time.  Those experiencing life accelerate – are getting ‘up to speed.’  Those experiencing deceleration are waiting for others to ‘catch up (they believe).‘  The two meet and shuffle in January 2020.  The ‘Mind’ scurries about trying to figure it all out.  The Heart patiently waits for the Mind to take a breath and LISTEN.  The energy is intense – provocative – compulsive. It’s got Juju written all over it.  Welcome to the Transition!
The Mindgives love’ – – – – the Heart – – – IS love.   Soul excavation will be completed soon.  Decide what is to be kept – what is to be discarded – and for the situations that have /will disappear(ed) are ‘officially‘ gone.  There is no more ‘going back.’  The Mind and the Heart will spend the next 6 months in a Ballet of Epic Proportion.  It’s called The Dance of Resurrection.
For today – Remember those New Year’s Resolutions or promises made at the beginning of the year?  It’s time to check-in on progress.  It’s time for an honest dialogue between the Mind and the Heart (with Self or another).  Destiny is calling – will the call be answered?  If you’re unsure – conjure up the Summers of 2001 and 2002. Think HARD – then LISTEN.  Here’s a hint – the Heart always has the last word. Get right with ‘Self‘ first.  Timing is at play – stop rushing for ‘ego security.’  There are 7+ billion  Souls-On-Board a Collective Timeship called Earth.  We’re in it together.  All is well!  ❤

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