Step 197: Sanctuary

“Adagio – (adverb) – performed with a slow tempo or pace; in music, a direction to play at a slow tempo.”

Opposites are not meant to ‘fight‘ one another – they compliment one another. Silence speaks volumes.  New directions are available.  Without options the path is always clear.  For today if needed – could you – would you – commit to giving your ‘best‘ consistently for the next 6 months?  Potential is bubbling up.  Is it inspiration – – or – – fascination?  The question to answer is “what is my best and where – or – under what circumstances would I be willing to commit/apply myself for the next 6 months?”  Follow that thread.  Give yourself permission to be yourself.  Trust yourself.  Love yourself.  Pace yourself.  Give yourself and your body a breather today. Be kind to others.  No one knows what they are doing – so we are ALL equal.  It’s been intense!  YESthe Universe is watching!  All is well!

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