2022 – The Return – Full Moon in Leo

“How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it.” ~Judy Blume – “Tiger Eyes”
Credit: NASA/New Horizon (Pluto’s Heart)

August 21, 2017 – The Great American Eclipse – “totality.” This week we have a Full Moon (2/16) and it’s the Full Moon to the American Eclipse @ 28 Leo. America is just days away from the first Pluto Return (after 246 years). But Pluto has a Heart! Full Moon’s always bring a “culmination and change.” Are you the same person you were in August 2017? Not even close! 🙂

We’re at the end of one cycle and about to enter the passageway into Rebirth. Those with all the power and money want to keep all the power and money. They ask – “why change it?Ladies and gentlemen – please take your luggage – leave your baggage. It’s too heavy. How do you deal with others fairly – while experiencing your own monumental life changes?

Questions to consider this week:

How do I protect “my” good fortune without hindering or hurting others? How many “hoops” did you have to jump through – OR – how many “emotional fires” did you have to put out – along the way? Were any started unconsciously so as to keep “little self” busy – since our old patriarchal model wants us to believe that the “ultimate sacrifice” means “taking care of others?” How many times did you get burned? The New Model says – “giving AND receiving” can be rewarding.

Rememberwe each carry the wisdom of the ages and many-many-many generations stored in our DNA. Please notice Feminine Energy Rising this week. Be fearless. Address all challenges with the goal of “shedding fear – repressed feelings.” The humane treatment of ALL is the goal. Life is one long process. Look back over your life and chances are – you’ll see that you have a 100% Success Rate for getting through BS. (You’re here – aren’t you?) Sugar-coating anything ain’t gonna’ work anymore.

Big Steps – Breakthroughs Ahead! Some kind of personal changes has brought each and every one of us to this week – the timing is right. How are you and your body getting along? Take care of it. Be in your body – stay in your body. Expect recognition of the Union of Opposites. Eat slowly. Taste your food. And remember we ALL laugh – cry – eat and poop in the same language. Shocking – I know. Earth is OUR HOMElisten to Mamawhat’s SHE trying to tell us? There’s room for everyone and we ALL FIT IN. Some are slower than others to recognize it – they’ll come around! It can take up to 20 years though. Be patient.

We’re Social Beings – it’s a time of “connecting” and partnership. Have you ever felt like you keep having the same relationship over and over – only all the partners have different faces (friends and family too)? If so – it’s possible that there’s a re-enacting of an “old scene” in a familiar movie? Yep – it’s from the past. Decidedly! The question is – “am I trying to distract myself or fill a space” so I can avoid dealing with something else? Relationships are based on mutual respect by “whole people.” Relationships can enrich our lives – if we allow it.

Get outside and look up at the night sky – that big beautiful Full Moon. Stay focused on goals. Treasure yourself. If your thinking is different than others – BE OK with that. We’re all growing – changing. This is the “Process of Evolution” and if you don’t like what you see – change the way you look it. It’s NOT what we see – it’s HOW we see it. Build your future. Let’s get going – it’s the Trip of a Lifetime – enjoy the Ride. All is well!

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