2022 – Foreign Exchange

“I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks.” ~Harper Lee (To Kill A Mockingbird)

Credit: Space.com

Imagine that you left home in March 2020 – to be a “foreign exchange” student. Over the past 2 years you’ve had to learn a new languagenew rules of the country you’re visiting and – have actually learned to think in a different language. It was tough to get acclimated to a new culture. Heck – you even learned how to get along without some of the amenities you were used to at home. But alas – it’s time to return to your native country.

Upon returning “home” – chances are good that the first thing to be noticed is “how everyone changed while I’ve been gone.” WTF – what happened? Surprise! The person who changed is the person returning to “normal.” We cannot un-see – un-hear or un-know what’s been experienced. We adjust and adapt. But we’ve learned so much living in a different space.

Think back to mid-January. What was the conversation that “didn’t happen?” Notice “Mirroring.24/7 – 365. It’s what we see in others (neutral positive or negative) that we possess. What did you “notice” that others were “mirroring” back to you? By the end of the week – expect “Severe Clearweather conditions – not a cloud in the sky!

What if we were to discover that the “Kingdom Within” is really our “natural playground” – where music – art – imagination – wisdom – Soul – insight inhabit? Human logic and Soul logic are two totally different experiences.

Early Adapters – are you starting to recognize the “wholeness” within the Kingdom? Keep playing! Be a good Noticer of serendipity this week. When you notice it – ask yourself – “why is the Universe (God/Allah/Buddha/Creator/your Diety) noticing ME?” Follow that thread!

Moving toward Post-Covid – Unmasking – please notice when it feels like – “people have changed.” They haven’t changed at all – you are the one who has changed. We’re each Saints. We’re each Sinners. It’s up to individuals to chart their own course – set their own boundaries – take responsible care of their own Soul. Expect to uncover new potential over the next few days. We ALL laugh – cry – eat – poop in the same language. SURPRISE! We are each other – and the “Exchange” is no longer Foreign. All is well!

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