2021 – Steps 113 – 116: Emotional Alchemy

Entelechy – (Philosophy) The realization of potential. The supposed vital principle that guides the development and functioning of an organism or other system or organization.

Credit: Freckled Red Photography

A snake never resists shedding its skin – no matter how painful the process. Tension expands. Something’s in the air. I CAN BREATHE? Embodiment is total acceptance of all parts and pieces of self/Self. The Earth is our home planet. We all deal with “reality” differently. Some pretend it doesn’t exist.

Self-Evident. Anger – resentment – toxic masculinity are “out of bounds.” It’s all coming to head now. The masses are angry at being on “lock-down” (except Introverts). A change in “thinking” is headed our way – in the not too distant future.

What we’re witnessing is the “pulling apart” – extreme stretching – of supposed sides. Expect BOTH positive and negative. Expect the unexpected. Expect to be amazed. Pick a country – any country – and visible polarization is occurring. In spite of personal desire – the “old world” is falling away.

Sadly – humans do not appreciate the changing tide for what it is – renewal and essential to our quality of life. Why do we do that?

If the view from your house is limiting and shrinking – then Life is urgently trying to reveal something. Imagine trying to walk in shoes you wore as a 2-year-old-child. The pain would be unbearable and severely limit one’s ability to move.

Psychologically – humans will ignore “warning signs” that change is inevitable – struggle is an option.

Consider the discomfort being felt by continuing to wear children’s shoes. The choice is simple – clear -concise – – “will I willingly walk through these changes calmly – or will I try to fight my way through this Hot-Mess kicking and screaming in a child’s shoes?

Growth is scary – exciting – risky – and rarely easy. Courage and fortitude teach strength and resilience. We are each being asked to unclench our fists – so we can loosen the grip on whatever is being held so freaking tightly. It can be anything – a place – relationship – identity – or a thing. Simply FEEL the Truth of it all.

Can I live without a guaranteed outcome and appreciate the “turning tides” that will continue to bring – long after I’ve exhaled my last breath here on Earth?

There is no right OR wrong – we’re all riding the rapids of Human Evolution. And the scope of this “Revolution” is much wider than any of us can see “right now.

Alchemy is burning off the dross of old emotional wounding. We’re making a 180 degree turn and it’s called a “Quantum Leap.Can we give the Warrior a chance to go home – visit – rest and prepare for the next leg of the Journey?

Go inside in the coming days – bear witness to “sides” battling it out inside. The Mind interprets change as threatening – Bad Juju! Perhaps what we all need is a powerful Spring Cleaning.

The Mind is desperately trying to catch up to reality and there is a BIG difference between supporting change and enduring change. Find Middle Ground. Use common sense – trust yourself above all others. It’s time to start focusing on the “Different.”

There’s an old saying – “when the time is right, the road is wide.” Many are going to discover this week that there’s support for the changes that that so many having been working on. Expect to be humbled at this recognition! It’s not as bad as many believed. This is going to be fast-paced few days – so pay attention to what’s being revealed. Slow down. Walk your talk and Talk your walk! All is well!

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