2021 – Steps 117 – 122: Stop Hating/Start Healing

Your life is not a problem to solve, but a journey to love. Your life is not a competition or a business model that you either figure out and get right – or fail at. Your life is an artist’s journey, a soulful dance with the unknown. You cannot fail at this Art of Life, except by not creating it.”   ~Andrea Balt

May begins at the end of April! Stop the Hating. Start the Healing. Buckle up. Change ahead. Think back to mid-August 2021. What a difference a year makes. Hate is such an Un-Natural process. Hating others is a sure sign of Self-Hate!

How does “yourself” help you?

How does “myself” help me?

How does “Otherself” help us?

And who exactly is in charge of “THE” truth? Many people – but all One-Self.

In the coming days – ‘simmer‘ on low please. Tick-Tock goes the clock. Expect the unexpected. Many hands make light work. Many hands make Light work. Serendipity and Synchronicity are dancing again.

Reaching the Tipping Point is on the schedule in the coming days and weeks. When was the last “best day of my life?” What was happening to make it the “best?

Ask – “how am I NOT being true to myself?” When we are ‘true to Self’ – an amazing thing starts to happen. What is “meant for me” can finally find “me.

The moment a human observes something – the outcome is changed. There are no limits as to what can be observed. It can be a person – place – thing – topic – problem – anything. Be a good Noticer and observe.

Process – Resolve – Move On. Big Juju in the air delivers powerful emotions and deep psychological issues that are rising to the surface. Pay attention the next time you hear yourself saying – “I SHOULD.Do what? Be what? Says who? Trace that voice down ASAP.

We’re making our way through the ‘trash-pile’ of Time and it’s quickly becoming apparent that Humans are in the throes of change AND correction. Picking and sorting. Justice for Self and Others.

Expect inspiration – think like an Artist. Allow yourself to become a Canvas of Change. Get rooted in the body. Get out in Nature. Allow laser-focus to re-design any situation that calls for Plan B. Options are endless. It’s time to step out of the Electric-Shadow!

Others can let us down – but no one has to let themselves down, do they? Unconscious Trust is available to all – but can only be found Within. The Light will shine a spotlight on at least one really-dark-scary-place this weekend. Just look at it – from the Observer’s Tower. Just observe. That’s all that’s required. One last question – where do people store the pain their body? Check the expiration date on unresolved pain soon. Trust yourself above all others. All is well!

2 thoughts on “2021 – Steps 117 – 122: Stop Hating/Start Healing

  1. Thanks dearest friend..what an amazing post indeed..
    It is with each moment I shift and observe and shift again..all while standing in whatever that moment shows up as…the swiftness of our manifestations leave one almost breathless..so much movement..in stillness and gratitude indeed..synchronicities off the charts!!
    For the entire month of April..each day..many many times a day….the word FREEDOM shows up in my world..and in so many fashions and tones…sometimes it will say you are creating in it..some say you have arrived within it..all say..pay attention..you have the freedom of the Spirit rising in your real-time life…showing me indeed..I have freedom from a past that no longer emits echoes…and am free in this new frontier to be ME…loved this post!!!
    Glorious Blessings and Abundant Love always


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