2020 – Step 117:  Sunday Blessings – Natural Selection

“Promulgate – (verb) – to make an idea/belief known to many by open declaration.  To make known or public the terms of a proposed law.  To put a law or rule into action or force.”

Credit: Economic Standard – Red Swan

May begins at the end of April.  Just as Human is ‘free to choose‘ – Nature chooses too.  Conspiracy theories and politics aside – what if Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a symptom of Earth’s illnessWhat if ‘stay-at-home‘ is a chance for the Earth to heal Herself?  What if Time is a memory from the distant FutureFor today where and what do you want to BE on December 21, 2020?  It’s important as we’ll be choosing for the next 20 years.  Do you remember May 2000?  We made a Collective Choice – just as we’ll decide again in DecemberResilience + Resolve. Decoding has begun. Long-term-perspective required. It’s a good day to ponder-wonder-consider.  Expect sudden insight.  Pay attention to ‘signs.‘  Clear Mind and Open Hearts can hear the “calling.”  The Universe is “live-streaming” so discount No Thing.  Those with “ears to hearunderstand.  Patience as the process unfolds.  Pay close attention to the ‘stories I tell myself’ and check motives when sharing stories with others.  Gratitude and focus will speed it up!  Know Thyself.  Be yourself.  Trust yourself.  You are much further along than you realize. Don’t be surprised if a ‘secret-wishYOUR SOUL (not Ego) wants is delivered – Truth.  Welcome to the transition from EGO-System into the ECO-SystemWe’re HERE!  All is well! ❤

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