2020 – Step 114: Events Unlimited

“Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful.”  ~Shakespeare (Measure By Measure)

Credit: Chin Leong Teo – “Blue Insularis 5”

Strength comes from Spirit.  Wisdom comes from experiencePassion is generated in cycles.  Failure is a release from bondage too.  Life happens between the inhale and the exhale.  Timeline Reset.  For today – what’s the view like from the other side of the bridge now?’  RegenerationSlowly but curely – the long walk to freedom!  Which part of Self is in charge now?  The “Personal – or – Impersonal – Self” – yes – it matters.  Personal-Ego-Self gets impatient – while Impersonal-Essence-Self is comfortable in Her own skin.  Boots on the groundThe path is clearly diverging now.  Equally scared and excited at the prospects of the Known-Unknown. Unexpected Reality is what happens when humans stop spending money.  The ‘powers that be‘ get nervous – lest the Natives discover their “Hidden-Superpowers.”  If there’s one gift COVID-19 has given humanity is seeing what happens when “I” break my addiction to Retail-Therapy (buying sh*t I don’t need to impress people I don’t like so I can fit in – be validated and accepted).  The people’s power resides in their wallets – surprise!  But not everyone sees it yet. What’s real and has meaningObserve Nature.  There are no maps available – we’re charting the UnknownBe fearless.  Be bold. This ‘ship‘ might not back around for a long time.  Build your Future!  TRUST YOURSELF.  If is really scares you – consider going for itTiming is at play and the ball is in motion.  Serendipity and Synchronicity are active.  Be a good Noticer – especially of Nature.  Empathy overload requires grounding your energy.  Psychic exhaustion requires rest.  Self-Care is imperative to survival.  It’s OK to have a ‘good life!’  All is well!

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