2020 – Step 28: The Domino Effect

“Don’t be indifferent.  That’s what I want to say today to my daughter, my grandchildren and their peers, wherever they are.  Don’t be indifferent when you witness historical lies.”  ~Marian Turski (Auschwitz Survivor & Historian)

Credit: John Stone – “Hungry Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird”

Human is a “memory-driven.”  The test of good manners is how patient one is with bad manners.  Many crossed the 2019-Finish-Line tired – but optimistic. Dial M for Merger.  “Vertical Merger” occurs when two non-competing forces join. “Horizontal Merger” occurs when two competitors join forces. Deal or No Deal? For todayClarify intentionComplacency to Urgency – Colorful distractions – Volatile reactionThe needs of many versus the goals of one?  It’s a paradox.  We see the need for change.  Be direct – not destructive.  What is initiated may take until February 9th to bring to fruition.  Patience – we’re on Nature’s Clocknot linear timeContradiction is the “cocktail” of the dayHow do you resolve conflict to reconcile what’s been purged this month?  Thank back to around December 7, 2018 – April 27, 2019 – September 15, 2019. Connect dots – watch dominoes fall!   Look for new potential to arrive in the most unlikely places. Clear boundaries helpWhat have you given yourself permission to NOT DOOwn your power.  Structure feels threatened when identity feels threatened.  Intuition + Common Sense = Intelligence.  Respect the Mind – but listen to the Heart.  See with your ears – listen with your eyes!  The reason we keep repeating the same thing is to expand our perspective.  We silly humans think we are in control!  HA!  Consider the Invisible today – especially if conflict and confusion are present.  You have YOUR answer.  Honor your choices through the “eyes of love.”  Take a deep breath – get clear inside about goal and direction.  The paradox is that the more we honor Self – in turn – we can honestly honor Other.  Be teachable.  Be kind.  Be yourself –  that’s more than enoughChange filters.  Ask “what if” and “why now.”  Expect the unexpectedIf you don’t want the truth – don’t ask for it!  All is well!  ❤

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